9th April 2019

Abbeydorney National School

Abbeydorney National School is a Catholic Primary School which

 strives to provide a well ordered, happy and secure atmosphere

where the self-esteem of each child will be enhanced and the

 educational, spiritual, moral and cultural needs of each child

 identified and developed with compassion, enthusiasm and due

 regard for the child’s individuality. Abbeydorney National School promotes

 excellence in teaching and learning.





As part of our School Improvement Plan we have become part of a Digital Cluster of four schools that have received funding from the Department of Education and Skills School Excellence Fund. Our cluster decided that the use of Virtual Reality (VR) technology in order to embed the Primary Language Curriculum would be most beneficial.

This involved the purchase of VR headsets which would enable the children of our school to visit some of the most fascinating and awe inspiring sites all around the world and beyond (virtually, of course!) The use of the headsets allowed the children to become totally immersed in the site they were visiting and they benefited greatly from the guidance of their teacher through the virtual tour.

The technology has provided a wonderful stimulus for learning and further investigation. It has also provided the children with both the content and platform through which their oral language and oral reporting skills can be developed.

Click Link to download powerpoint explaining the project Virtual Reality