30th April 2019


With the help of the class teachers and the school play therapist, a total of 29 pupils were identified to help us with our study. It was felt that each of these pupils had either some anxieties or attention issues that the VR experience might help alleviate. Each pupil required a signed parental consent form to take part in the study and only one family requested that their child not participate.

While we were getting the consent needed, we started  familiarising ourselves with the headsets and loading the apps we had chosen to use from those already available on the Oculus Store.

Sixth class pupils were put into 7 groups by their class teacher and assigned a class group. Each week that group takes out the children from the class they are assigned and observe and take notes on each child, how they are feeling, how they are reacting to each game, and any issues with the headsets.

Progress End of Year 1

Progress Year 2